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Seafood BBQ Buffet – Saturday Evening Grand BBQ Buffet


[:en]Royal Cliff Grand Hotel[:th]Royal Cliff Grand Hotel[:ru]Royal Cliff Grand Hotel[:zh]: 皇家克里夫豪华酒店[:ja]Royal Cliff Grand Hotel[:kr]Royal Cliff Grand Hotel[:]


[:en]124 pax air-conditioned; 66 pax al fresco[:th]124 pax air-conditioned; 66 pax al fresco[:ru]124 pax air-conditioned; 66 pax al fresco[:zh]: 124个室内空调座位和66个露台座位[:ja]124 pax air-conditioned; 66 pax al fresco[:kr]124 pax air-conditioned; 66 pax al fresco[:]

Experience the ultimate international barbecue buffet with an exquisite selection of Thai, Chinese, Italian and Japanese dishes. Savour in imported meats, fresh seafood and other goodies straight from the grill along with a varied dessert menu every Saturday night at Larn Thong –Authentic Thai Traditions for THB 1,450 ++ only!

For more information or to make reservations, please contact Guest Relations at (+66) 38 250 421 or email  gro-main@royalcliff.com