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Royal Cliff Hotel Group - Pattaya


With 11 of Pattaya’s best restaurants, dining at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group is like embarking on a tour of the world’s finest cuisines. Guests have a choice of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian and European menus in a variety of inspiring settings. For fun and relaxation, the resort also has 6 lively bars offering sizzling entertainment.

Halal Kitchen Certification

The Halal Kitchen is now officially a certified HAL-Q establishment. This prominent certification is issued by the Halal Science Centre, Chulalongkorn University, which manages the Hygiene-Assurance-Liability Quality System Certificate. All related staff at the Royal Cliff has been given proper training and product knowledge on the Halal concept of food handling. In accordance with the rules and regulations of housing and operating a Halal Kitchen, all food supplies, utensils and equipment must be certified as “Halal”.

Breezeo - <i> <a href= Be Yourself Dining" title="Breezeo - Be Yourself Dining" />

Breezeo - see url go Be Yourself Dining

Caprice - <i> <a href= A Taste of Riviera" title="Caprice - A Taste of Riviera" />

Caprice - A Taste of Riviera

Chamu - <i> <a href= click Japanese Corner" title="Chamu - Japanese Corner" />

Chamu - Japanese Corner

Huang Chao - <i> <a href= Royal Cantonese Cuisine" title="Huang Chao - Royal Cantonese Cuisine" />

Huang Chao - Royal Cantonese Cuisine

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